Teeth whitening

Why to teeth become darker overtime?

Over time, our teeth naturally start to discolour- unfortunately this is a part of the ageing process- and it happens to everyone.

There are a number of reasons for this. It can be simply down to lifestyle and the effects of consuming dark food and drink items (coffee, tea, red wine and berries) over long periods of time.

Activities such as smoking stain the teeth from white to more of a yellow or grey. Darkening of the teeth can also be caused by damage to a tooth or the long-term use of certain medications.

No matter how well you look after your teeth it is impossible to stop this colour change- because stains build on the inside, as well as on the outside, of the teeth. Therefore, no amount of brushing or scaling and polishing by the hygienist will stop it.

Whitening treatment that we provide:

There are a variety of products available and the one that we offer is a safe option, with reduced cause of sensitivity and great results.

Before starting the treatment you will need a dental assessment to make sure that you are suitable.

It is supplied as a “home-use” kit. In order to do this, an intra-oral scan of your teeth will be taken and special trays will be made. You will be instructed on how to use a bleaching gel in the these trays and will need to wear it regularly for a minimum of four hours or overnight for a couple of weeks or until the desired shade is reached

Is tooth whitening safe?

When performed by a qualified dental health professional tooth whitening is safe. You should avoid the use of home kits which can be bought easily online. Also, you should never have your teeth whitened in unregulated facilities.

When performed by dental professionals tooth whitening is a quick and safe way to transform your smile and give a refreshed youthful appearance. Treatment is pain-free and convenient and results can be seen from the first application