Children’s dentistry

We are a family dental practice and pride ourself on offering the highest standard of children’s dentistry. Our welcoming staff take every possible step to ensure that your child’s visit to the dentist is as comfortable as possible.

Dr Aman Phull and Dr Ana Rita Moio are practice owners and our fine support staff of nurses and receptionists have been key members of the team for quite some time. Therefore we are proud of the stability within our dental team. Our patients can be comfortable knowing that the family will be able to see familiar faces for many years to come.

Childrens dentistry

When should I take my child to the dentist

We recommend that children visit the dentist as soon as their teeth start to appear in the mouth. This is usually around 6 months of age. The first visits may just involve getting your child used to sitting in the chair and being comfortable in the dental environment. You should then take them as regularly as recommended by the dentist. 

Help your child keep a healthy smile by:

  • Reducing sugary snacks and drinks
  • Using a fluoride toothpaste
  • Visiting the dentist on a regular basis
  • Implementing a positive dental routine; brush well, twice a day

How can I encourage my child to brush their teeth?

One of the most common problem in children’s dental care is simply not brushing for long enough. There are a few tips and tricks to help encourage your child to maintain a good oral health routine.

  • Play their favourite song and challenge the to keep brushing until it ends
  • Use a timer and challenge them to keep brushing until the sand has reached the bottom
  • Get an app. There are many apps that make brushing your teeth into an engaging game

Where can I find more information

A quick guide to a healthy mouth in children

A summary of the simple steps that parents, carers and children can take every day to maintain a healthy mouth in children.

You can also find more information about childrens dentistry on the oral health foundation website