General Dentistry

Range of treatments

General dentistry encompasses a variety of treatments and procedures that are essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing pain and discomfort. It includes a range of services such as routine checkups, preventative care, oral hygiene education, restorative treatments (fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and root canal treatments), and cosmetic procedures.

The goal of general dentistry is to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy and pain-free.

Routine examinations

A routine examination has the aim of creating your personal dental plan. It allows your general dentist to clearly define what treatment is necessary for your continued oral health. Sometimes referred to as a “dental check-up”, a routine examination will provide a thorough inspection of the tissues of your head and neck, jaw joints, mouth, teeth, and gums. Identifying any underlying oral health problems such as disease, tooth decay, and cancer.

A routine examination can spot early signs of any irregularities and treat them before they progress further. This is extremely important as many oral health issues are “silent” and go unnoticed.

Most routine examinations will not only involve your general dentist physically looking at your mouth but will also take X-rays to further evaluate your oral health.

It is important to note, a routine examination will not prevent oral health complications. It assesses your personal situation to build a plan to help prevent problems and improve your overall oral health