Composite fillings

Composite fillings and Composite bonding

Tiny details matter. We can take care of the finer points and perfect your smile with composite bonding and composite fillings. We apply a composite resin material directly to your teeth to cover up chips, cracks and tiny gaps. 

We can usually complete the work in one visit, so you can go home and enjoy your new smile straight away. 

Direct composite veneers

Occasionally patients will complain of mis-shaped teeth. As well as traditional veneers, direct composite veneers now allow us to re-shape and improve the appearance of teeth. 

Composite veneers allow us to:

  • Change the colour
  • Adjust the position
  • Or even reshape the tooth

Composite fillings

If a tooth is decayed or broken, it needs to be repaired. Composite resin is a great way to aesthetically restore a tooth back to function.

Traditionally silver (or amalgam) fillings have been used. however now composite resins offer a natural alternative to restoring teeth.

Composite resin uses

Composite resin can be used for:

  • Cracked and chipped teeth
  • Reshaping short or uneven teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Replacing metal or silver amalgam fillings
Composite fillings
Composite fillings
Composite fillings


Replacement of an old filling with a new composite aesthetic restoration

This is an example of how we can replace old worn fillings with an aesthetic composite filling material.

The result is a natural looking tooth like appearance. 

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