How to floss

Brushing alone cannot get to the spaces between your teeth. Therefore interdental cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. The images below show best how to floss.

Another option is to use interdental brushes (such as tepe brushes), which are a great tool to get between teeth. They are simple to use and take less time. Recently water flossers and air flossers have also become a popular method to clean between teeth. Again these are relatively simple to use and quick to use. 

But some spaces are too tight to fit interdental brushes through. Therefore correct flossing is still an effective way to clean the spaces between your teeth.

How to floss
  • Take some floss about the size of your forearm and turn it around your middle fingers so you have a couple of inches of floss taut between your hands.
  • Slip it gently between the teeth and gums into an area between your teeth and gums. 
  • Slide forwards and back with a few strokes to dislodge food and plaque. 
  • Pull the floss through the space.

We recommend interdental cleaning at night as this is the most important time to clean your teeth. 

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