Oral health assessment
Existing patient dental examination (including 2 small intra-oral digital x-rays- as required)£58
New patient dental examination (including 2 small intra-oral digital x-rays- as required)£95
Digital x-rays each£12.50
CBCT upper and lower arch£285
CBCT single arch£150
CBCT sectionalFrom £75

Dental hygiene treatments
Dental hygiene appointment (30 mins)
Scaling with traditional polish£65
Scaling with airflow stain removal£105
Non-registered patients (30 mins)
Scaling with traditional polish£85
Scaling with airflow stain removal£125
Appointment 45 mins
Scaling with traditional polish£95
Scaling with airflow stain removal£130
Appointment 60 mins
Scaling with traditional polish£130
Scaling with airflow stain removal£170

Composite filling - 1 surface£110
Composite filling - 2 surfaces£150
Composite filling - 3+ surfaces£180
Amalgam filling - 1 surface£100
Amalgam filling - 2 surfaces£120
Amalgam filling - 3+ surface£140

Aesthetic treatments
Direct composite veneers (per tooth) £300
Porcelain veneers (per tooth)£800
Composite bonding (cosmetic repairs)£200

Gum treatments
Functional crown lengthening£480
Aesthetic crown lengthening£925
Dentomycin Gum treatment£375

Root canal treatments
Root canal consultation£90
Root canal treatment - Incisor/Canine £500
Root canal treatment - Premolar£700
Root canal treatment - Molar£800

Simple extractionFrom £125
Complex extractionFrom £185
Surgical extraction / Impacted wisdom tooth extractionFrom £325

Crown and bridgework
Same day crown£910
Same day onlay£675-800
Porcelain bonded crown£750
All ceramic crown£850
Full gold crown£875
Post and core£195
Porcelain bonded bridge (per unit) £750
All ceramic bridge (per unit) £850
Maryland bridgeFrom £780
Re-cement crown£75
Re-cement bridge£95

Full upper and lower acrylic denture set£1425
Full denture acrylic (upper or lower) £725
Partial acrylic denture (per arch)£725
Chrome cobalt denture (per arch)£1025
Flexible denture (per arch) £1025
Denture repair£120

Implant consult£100
Dental implant including crownFrom £2995
Bone graftFrom £315

Invisalign consultation£50
Invisalign single arch treatmentFrom £1800
Invisalign dual arch treatmentFrom £3000
Inman aligner consultation £50
Inman aligner single arch treatmentFrom £1800
Inman aligner dual arch treatmentFrom £3000
Essix removable retainer (single arch)£130
Essix removable retainer set (both arches) £170
Zendura premium rigid retainer (single arch)£150
Zendura premium rigid retainer (both arches) £190
Fixed retainer (per arch)£220

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening (home kit including trays)£395
Internal tooth whitening£249

Soft nightguard£130
Hard nightguard£180
Specialist guards / splintsFrom £180

Nervous patients
SedationFrom £350

Emergency treatment
Emergency appointment £85
Non-registered patient emergency appointment£120
Prescription antibiotics/analgesics£25
Temporary dressing£78
Emergency call out£265

This is intended as a guide to the cost of treatment. The complexity of some treatments may vary for each individual case. After an initial consultation, your dentist will be able to provide a detailed treatment plan with costs. 


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