Children’s dental health

Two minute timers and disclosing tablets are a great way to make sure children are brushing their teeth as best as possible. A very simple method to maintain childrens dental health!

How Do Disclosing Tablets Work?

Since you can’t see plaque in the beginning on its own, it can be difficult to know where it’s hiding on your teeth or how much you have. One way to spot plaque is to use disclosing tablets that you chew after brushing your teeth. The tablets contain a dye that colours any lingering plaque on your teeth. Since you can easily see the dyed plaque spots, it’s easier to go after them when brushing.

To use the tablets, get your child to chew one tablet and then rinse their mouth with water. The plaque remaining on their teeth will be dyed red or pink. Your child can then visually see where they need to brush better! 

It really does help…

A study published in the Journal of Oral Research and Review found that half of those who used disclosing products had improved their oral care routine at home and reduced the plaque buildup considerably.

NewsTimers and disclosing tablets can be purchased at the dental practice. They are a fantastic tool in educating children and encouraging them to brush better.

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Childrens dental health
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